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The Southern California DPS , which was listed as endangered in , has been affected by habitat loss due to dams, confinement of streams in concrete channels, water pollution , groundwater pumping, urban heat island effects, and other byproducts of urbanization. Several studies have shown that almost all California coastal steelhead are of native origin, despite over a century of hatchery stocking. Releases of conventionally reared hatchery steelhead pose ecological risks to wild steelhead populations. Hatchery steelhead are typically larger than the wild forms and can displace wild-form juveniles from optimal habitats.

Dominance of hatchery steelhead for optimal microhabitats within streams may reduce wild steelhead survival as a result of reduced foraging opportunity and increased rates of predation. Rainbow trout and steelhead are highly regarded game fish. Rainbow trout are a popular target for fly fishers , and several angling methods are used. The use of lures presented via spinning, casting or trolling techniques is common.

Rainbow trout can also be caught on various live and dead natural baits.

There are tribal commercial fisheries for steelhead in Puget Sound , the Washington coast and in the Columbia River, but there has been controversy regarding over-harvesting of native stocks. The highly desirable sporting qualities and adaptability of the rainbow trout to hatchery rearing and new habitats resulted in it being introduced to many countries around the world by or at the behest of sport fishermen. Many of these introductions have resulted in environmental and ecological problems, as the introduced rainbow trout disrupt local ecosystems and outcompete or eat indigenous fishes.

Rainbow trout is popular in Western cuisine; both wild-caught and farmed fish are eaten. It has tender flesh and a mild, somewhat nutty flavor. The color and flavor of the flesh depends on the diet and freshness of the trout. Farmed trout and some populations of wild trout, especially anadromous steelhead, have reddish or orange flesh as a result of high astaxanthin levels in their diets. Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that may be from a natural source or a synthetic trout feed. Rainbow trout raised to have pinker flesh from a diet high in astaxanthin are sometimes sold in the U.

Trout can be cooked as soon as they are cleaned, without scaling, skinning or filleting. Medium to heavy bodied white wines, such as chardonnay , sauvignon blanc or pinot gris are typical wine pairings for trout. Rainbow trout is sometimes used as an indicator for water quality in water purification facilities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 23 November Rainbow trout Adult female rainbow trout Conservation status.

Walbaum , Eggs in gravel and rainbow trout alevin. See also: Salmon run.

Fly Fishing Southwest Colorado - The Conejos River Drainage

See also: Salmon in aquaculture. See also: Salmonid susceptibility to whirling disease.

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49 Trout Streams Of Southern Colorado

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