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Batman Shadows full of pity, a villain was born in Gotham City, An intelligent boy, that would soon turn out to be insane. Villains born under the stars, a handsome face marred with ragged scars, A normal boy once scarred with plain, killing people for his own gain, Purple suit that made him vain, black around his eyes, far from sane From the realm of dark he came. The Joker is unlisted. So my little sister had to write a poem in the format of "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe, and this is what we came up with for it. Love you Nae.

SoloGio - I think you and your sister came up with a very creative and wonderful poem.

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TinyLittleStar - Thank you! Your comments always make my day! Having firmly etched his authority over the criminal underworld, Joker's sadism and megalomania also put him into conflict with other villains, leading to brutal gangs wars with the likes of Bane and the remains of his forces, with Joker possessing an underlying contempt for other super-criminals and believing that they were not of his stature. This became especially true with regards to the Penguin, who deeply respected Joker initially for conquering Black Mask's criminal empire, and invited him and Harley to his newly constructed and opened front and base of operations, the Iceberg Lounge , for a formal party among Gotham's elite and criminal underworld.

While Penguin initially hoped to form an alliance with Joker and share in the massive amounts of power and influence that he held, Penguin came to despise him after Joker murdered one of his waitresses with his acid spray for spilling wine on him and shooting and killing his doorman on a return trip, which caused massive and negative publicity for his restaurant. As a result, Penguin forbade Joker and anyone affiliated with him from ever entering his establishment. This ultimately caused a destructive and bitter rivalry between the two gang leaders, with both seeking to destroy the other and take control of the power base that was left in the wake.

As he made enemies with other villains and gained more followers, Joker eventually heard tales of a brutal pair of Russian twin brothers, conjoined since birth, known as the Abramovici Twins. After their mother tragically passed away giving birth to them, the twins' guilt-stricken and grieving father reluctantly abandoned them to the care of a traveling circus and freak-show, seeing them as reminders of his wife's death. Known for their brutality within their performances, Joker sent Harley to negotiate with the circus owner to acquire the twins, known as Mr.

Hammer and Sickle , and their natural violence for his own purposes. Refusing to give up his prized performers, the owner eventually met with a grim fate three months later when Joker brutally murdered him with a knife, carving a smile into his face, and hired the twins to become a part of his expanding criminal empire. While the twins proved to be an invaluable asset to the criminal mastermind, Joker eventually realized that their large stature from their conjoint state and brotherly rivalry made them less effective than they would be if they were separated.

With the help of Dr. Thomas Elliot , a world-renowned surgeon who often offered his skills to the criminal underworld and black market as he made his own plans for revenge on Bruce Wayne, Joker was able to separate the twins. Keeping the right-armed one for himself the joke being that he created a literal right-hand man , Mr. Infuriated that he was abandoned yet again, Sickle took up employment from the Penguin, believing that his brother had betrayed him, and made it his mission to prove himself to be the more worthy twin. As he consolidated his numbers with Mr.

Hammer as his literal right-hand man, Joker often used fear and torture to exert his control over his gang and satisfy his lust for violence. While many men were tortured and murdered by Joker on a whim, either because of failure, disloyalty, or simply for pure enjoyment, most of Joker's gang served him loyally due to their boss's inclination to allow them to keep all of the spoils from their various heists and exploits, paid them considerably better than the other crime bosses in Gotham, having no concern for money outside of what was necessary for his operations, and simply wished to create chaos in order to lure Batman into the crossfires.

Others were often forced to perform acts of random and pointless violence, including one thug being ordered to murder his own sister, simply for a laugh and serve as a test of loyalty. Joker's crimes themselves were both inhumanly brutal and bizarre, from unlicensed taxidermy and corpse desecration to cannibalism and even attempted homicide, in his thirst for anarchy and carving a legacy for himself that would never be forgotten. Joker's deadly plans themselves ranged from small-time schemes that were meant to target Batman specifically to large-scale operations that threatened the entire city, country, and even the world itself on several occasions.

Some were silly in nature, such as poisoning Gotham's waters to create 'Joker Fish' and copyrighted them even as they were a natural resource, to inhumanly brutal crimes, including a citywide massacre on the Fourth of July. By using knowledge that he obtained from a felon and terrorist named Mark Mardon, who served a sentence at Blackgate, Joker was able to create an electrical storm with the use of Mardon's resources in his lab at Gotham City, which caused a blackout throughout the entire city and even rendered vehicles unusable and resulted in much of the populace going outside for the moonlight.

While Batman tracked and apprehended Joker at the lab, Joker revealed that he had weaponized fireworks with Joker Toxin in powder form, which were shot over the entire city and took the lives of thousands of men, women, and children. This crime, in particular, was immense reinforcement to Batman, who had a small sample of anti-toxin to use on himself and escorted Joker back to Arkham Asylum through a sea of corpses, on how depraved the villain truly was and even compelled the hero to question his own stance on refusing to kill his hated enemy.

When Batman finally arrived at the Asylum with Joker, he was horrified when he realized that even the Clown Prince's very suit and skin were also covered with the laughing powder, which caused two orderlies to immediately drop dead when they attempted to escort Joker to a cell.

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Infuriated, Batman stripped Joker of his suit and threw him into a dark cell within an abandoned wing of Intensive Treatment, to be held and hosed down for several days until all the powder on his skin was completely gone. While imprisoned within the cell, Joker reveled in the Dark Knight's continued torment at his hands and occupied his time by planning a trap for Batman to be potentially used, within that very same cell, in the future.

In addition to his more elaborate plans to employ physical and psychological games on Batman and attack Gotham, Joker also relished in exploits that were purely random acts of barbarism meant to accomplish nothing beyond satisfying his love of sadistic torture and violence. Such acts included replacing holy water with hydrochloric acid during a baptism at Gotham Church, that presumably resulted in the horrific death of at least one child going through baptism, setting fire to a maternity ward, and killing a soprano by tearing out her vocal cords and keeping them as sadistic souvenir.

Joker even managed to somehow get himself onto an election ballot, attempted to run for President of the United States, and even went as far as to released political ads that promoted himself to get into the Presidency for the occasion. With thousands of victims claimed by his sick designs, Joker's presence within Gotham was a constant reminder to Batman of the true evil that could lurk within a human being and how easily it could be for the hero to lose sight of his moral compass as his battles with Joker continued to pile up.

Joker himself hoped to push the Dark Knight into committing his first murder with his own death and believed that everyone was corruptible and a monster on the inside, especially Batman. That intent was layered within the foundations of nearly every one of his crimes and plans, with Joker letting Batman live on countless occasions when he had the chance to kill him and even refused to uncover his true identity, believing the reveal would be anti-climatic and would spoil their physical and mental battles.

Several years after his arrival and rise to power within Gotham, the Joker had somehow managed to steal a dirty bomb with enough destructive power to wipe out more than half of the city's population with the Riddler's involvement and hid it somewhere inside Gotham while he was imprisoned at Arkham Asylum. Because of that, Batman was tasked with finding the dirty bomb, which resulted in him directly interfering with a separate operation that was conducted by Amanda Waller against the Riddler, although Joker kept its location a secret even from the Riddler. Joker's actions were also indirectly responsible for the Suicide Squad's initiation due to Batman's interference in Waller's operation.

Joker's reign of terror and gang wars with the Penguin also continued, as Joker and Harley lit fire to one of Penguin's delivery trucks, which contained cigarettes and contraband that was meant to be sold onto the streets and dumped it into the river for their own amusement. That caused the feud between the murderous couple and the Penguin to intensify even further, as the crime boss lost a considerable amount of expenses as a result.

During the course of that crime, Joker kicked Harley out of their escape car while it moved and presumably gave her severe enough injuries to leave her with bruises. That resulted in Harley temporarily breaking off her relationship from the Joker and was fed up with his abuse, though Joker's influence had a hold on her forever. Eventually, Joker discovered that Harley seemingly dumped him in favor of a new guy, although he soon discovered that her earlier assault on him just gave him an opportunity to escape.

Joker then killed several guards and attempted to hold up whom he believed was Batman he was eventually impressed with the gun when Batman's head supposedly exploded , although he soon discovered otherwise. He soon deduced the Suicide Squad's location based on "Denzel's" earpiece that was still functional and made an ambush on the Suicide Squad with explosive marbles shortly after the real Batman was exposed by the Riddler as having replaced Black Spider to the rest of the Suicide Squad.

Eventually, Joker made a transmission to Batman that revealed that he intended to leak "tainted love" throughout the city, and also released all of the Arkham Asylum inmates Two-Face, Bane, Poison Ivy, and Scarecrow in order to hold Batman off and anticipated the likelihood that Batman would try to stop him. Joker eventually, alongside who succumbed to her attraction to the Joker once again , managed to stow away on a helicopter that Deadshot had managed to hijack, and got into a fight with him, which resulted in Harley crashing into an under-construction building due to her inexperience with piloting a chopper as well as Batman pursuing them.

Joker then confronted Deadshot, where the clown-like psychopath tried to kill his former hire in a toe-to-toe battle.

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  4. Joker eventually managed to subdue Deadshot after he knocked him into a glass panel, although with enough effort that he even admitted that he was "a real pain in [Joker's] ass" for someone who wasn't Batman. However, Deadshot managed to overpower Joker despite his wounded state, and even trapped him inside the crashed helicopter and knocked it down to the street below, although Joker laughed at his seemingly inevitable death.

    Batman managed to disarm the dirty bomb, thanks to explicit instructions left by the Joker after he subdued Harley. Despite being trapped in a helicopter crash, Joker managed to escape into the night. Waller later alluded to that when she taunted Batman. Additionally, it was implied by Joker's instructions to deactivate the dirty bomb that he truly had no intention of the device detonating and knew that Batman would eventually reach him as usual.

    That latest plan seemed to simply be another sick distraction in Joker's games with Batman and had much bigger plans in store for the hero. Batman eventually recaptured Joker yet again and sent him back to Arkham Asylum. With breakouts that continuously occurred, Batman utilized his alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, and funded increased security measures at the asylum, while Warden Sharp implemented his own initiatives as part of his own agenda.

    Unaware to both men and Arkham's staff, Joker's most deadly plans were eventually formed on the foundations of the asylum where its grounds would play host to one of the longest nights in Batman's career and Bruce's life. Eventually reaching his breaking point with the Joker, Sharp hired Dr.

    Penelope Young , a well-known and reputable therapist, to work at the asylum and authorized her to implement several research and experimental operations at the institution in order to cure the most deadly patients, especially the Joker. However, Sharp secretly knew that Joker could not be cured and longed to murder him himself, using Dr. Young's employment at the asylum to simply gain political points for his mayoral campaign. In reality, Sharp was being manipulated via mind control drugs, disguised as medical pills to treat a heavily concealed mental illness, that were supplied to him by Professor Hugo Strange, a power-hungry psychiatrist who worked at the asylum with plans of his own to exploit both the nature of the institution and its inmates for his own ends.

    Joker became aware of this fact himself after he noticed Strange observe him in his cell on several occasions and Sharp's altered behavior, using this knowledge to his advantage and as leverage years later.

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    Among the most pivotal of Dr. Young's experiments was ' Project Titan ', the research into formulating a chemical compound in order to bolster a patient's strength and invulnerability to help them cope with the more extreme forms of therapy. However, Dr. Young also became absorbed by her own ambitions and believed that the project could breed a strong class of meta-humans that could be sold throughout the globe to interested parties.

    To this end, the doctor became intrigued by the compound, 'Venom', used extensively by Bane, and conducted therapy sessions with the brute when he was temporarily moved to Arkham Asylum before the Suicide Squad's mission, believing that the chemicals derived from Venom could be the perfect foundation for her own serum.

    Young hit a wall in her research when she ran out of funding and could not contrive a method to obtain the Venom that she needed from Bane. This soon changed as, unknown to Dr.

    Young, Joker had learned of her project from his associate, Scarecrow , who was previously asked to use his chemical expertise to help in the project by Young, believing Crane to be well on his way to becoming reformed. However, the reality was that Crane lusted to use his own findings in Titan to perfect his own signature Fear Toxin and collaborated with Joker to plan a brutal riot at the Asylum that would serve both their purposes.

    Specifically, Joker planned to use the Titan Formula to create an army of mindless monsters under his complete control and use them to destroy Gotham and finish his battles with Batman, while Scarecrow lusted to unleash a new strain of Fear Toxin into Gotham to break the mind of every citizen forever and expose Batman's greatest fears.