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While fishing is allowed at Great Falls National Park and Difficult Run, a license is required for fishermen 16 years or older. This is the most popular of recreational activities at the Potomac River adjacent to Difficult Run. Class VI rapids are considered extremely dangerous, as they are highest category of all rapid classes. A series of rapids starting at the Difficult Run Georgetown Pike entrance will lead to directly into the Potomac River. Climbing at Difficult Run can be done both with or without direction. The large number of rocks offer creative options for some park visitors.

Others find direction by climbing routes set near the Potomac River. Routes vary from 25 to 75 feet in length. All climbing is top rope and no screws may be drilled into the rock. Climbing routes are not available when the water level is high, specifically above a 4. The Cow Hoof Rock features 9 different climbing routes ranging from 5. Various species of birds, fish, and other animals live along the trail. Muskrat and beaver can be found in the stream which runs adjoined to the trail which empties into the river known to provide habitation for various fish.

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Others would include songbirds , woodpeckers, vultures , and kingfishers. As for snakes, copperheads are the only type of venomous snake found in the trail.

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In the region where Difficult Run trail is found, birds such as the Scarlet Tanager and Kentucky Warbler inhabit the environment during the Spring months. These are song birds brightly colored with plumage of gold, red, and blue. The ground nesting birds appear in the Spring first, which would consist of the Kentucky warbler. Nested in the trees are the Scarlet Tanager.

Other birds native to the trail during the Spring are the Prothonotary warbler and Swallows.

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During the Spring, Skunk cabbage is the first to bloom in January. Seasonal varieties also include Pink lady slippers , Fairy spuds , and Trout lilies. Located at Difficult Run lands in the Virginia side of the park.

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The trail is 0. The scenic trail starts near Georgetown Pike and ends where the difficult run stream meets the Potomac River.

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The trail is narrow and rocky in some sections and could cause problems to those with handicaps. The route consists of mostly non-paved trail systems with a few paved areas. Hikers, cyclists and horseback riders can make connections using Difficult Run to get to the Fairfax County cross-country trail. This can be done on the Georgetown Pike end of the Difficult Run trail. Pets are allowed on the trail but must be on a leash at all times.

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The stream is member to a Along its journey the stream travels over a series of rapids and through numerous rocky beds. There are 9 different streams and tributaries that work into or out of the Potomac river. The water runs off and forms four man made lakes. The goal of this project was to incorporate all of these requirements in a cohesive, site responsive manner that provides integrated interior and exterior spaces sensitive to the land the project occupies. You'll now receive updates based on what you follow!

Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users. About Contact Submit Advertise. Change country. Log out. Gurney Architect.

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March 28, McLean, United States. About this office. Robert M. Products: Stone Concrete. Did you know? Go to my stream. Once rested, return the way you came back to the Difficult Run parking lot. You can continue further down the trail to the Great Falls Visitors Center if you would like a longer hike.

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Research for this hike can be found at Fun in Fairfax. All 8 Photos. Overall rating:. Christopher Myska. An amazing hike.

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  • Impressive Views from the Ridge and River Trails;

Beautiful rapids and near the water most of the time. Felt like more of an adventure then some of the hikes in the area. We started at great falls national park. The Outbound Collective. Save Review Add Photo.