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The location shooting is a joy, not mention tremendously English, and the costumes are a blast - though The Doctor's harlequin outfit is deeply unsettling with its eerie mask and deceptively colourful facade. You might think I'm cheating with this one, but this is a bona fide Doctor Who story from the BBC and even broadcast on television. Killer clowns! Some of you may be saying.

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Whilst certainly not under appreciated by Sylvester McCoy fans all twelve of them , those who are less impressed with The Seventh Doctor's run will find much to enjoy in this four-parter. Apart from the meta-inclusion of Gian Sammarco television's original Adrian Mole as Whizz Kid - a thinly veiled parody of the Doctor Who fan nice prophetic bow tie though , the highlight is most definitely Ian Reddington's role as Chief Clown. A superb performance and, still to this day, one of Who 's finest villains. Often overlooked due its placing in the legendary "Season 13", where every story is a classic, and sandwiched between fan-favourites, Pyramids of Mars and The Brain of Morbius , this Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen four-parter has so much going for it, and very little against.

The Kraals are a fantastically designed monster and their simple Earth invasion is refreshing, but it's their titular androids that make for such a haunting viewing. Witness as Sarah Jane Smith's face falls off to reveal the ghostly circuitry beneath. The very essence of classic Who. Like previous entry The Ambassadors of Death , I suspect this six-parter from will be reassessed on its release later this year on DVD.

Now restored to full colour, some of us were lucky enough to see the "new" version at the recent BFI screening in March. And what a cracker this is. Despite being a six-parter, The Mind of Evil keeps its pace and interest maintained throughout. Whilst not quite gritty, prison scenes add to the chaotic nature of the tale and there's yet another delicious appearance from Roger Delgado as renegade Time Lord, The Master. Due to its humour and light tone, a trait loathed by certain parts of Doctor Who fandom, this Gareth Roberts story breezes along and its triumph, by and large, is down to the cast and the fun script.

The story itself, a knowing Agatha Christie pastiche perhaps a little too knowing, at times , has laughs and giggles galore and the cast, featuring legends like Felicity Kendall and Christopher Benjamin and top acting talent such as Tom Goodman-Hill and the beautiful Fenella Woolgar as the aforementioned real-life crime writer. But it's that delightful chemistry of Tennant and Tate who make for the most emtertaining of comedy duos, kissing and deducing their way through this summer picnic of a Who story. For me, this is a genuine classic and it perturbs me somewhat that there are fans out there who dislike this Peter Davison tale so much but such is the life of a Doctor Who fan, I accept this.

That should surely be enough but there's more. It's a proper horror story in the guise of a science-fiction tale, a trope that Doctor Who does all too well. More Agatha Christie style fun here as The Sixth Doctor embarked on his own Murder on the Orient Express someone is even seen reading the book in the story.

It's a solid tale and if you removed the frankly tedious Trial of a Time Lord moments from it, you'd be left with a cracking Who story with a damn threatening monster, The Vervoids. Of course, there's more than meets the eye to these guys and their needs, but I shan't spoil that for you. One of my biggest gripes for The Eighth Doctor's one night stand in the middle of the Nineties is its name. Anyway, title grumbles aside, the only on-screen appearance of Paul McGann as everyone's favourite Gallifreyan to date does have much in its favour despite an ending that not only makes little sense, it actively pisses on the show's history and the very notion of what it means to be a time-traveler - namely Paul McGann.

The Slitheen! Though, it should be noted, the beasts from Raxacoricofallapatorius barely make an appearance in their true form, leaving wonderful actress Annette Badland to strut her stuff so brilliantly across this episode.

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Never before, or since, in Doctor Who have we seen The Doctor, here played by everyone's favourite grumpy northerner Christopher Eccleston, dine with his prey before execution. Works for me," leers the alien during a fascinating tete-a-tete where the morality of The Doctor is laid bare by his captor in a Cardiff restaurant; the sublime meets the ridiculous you can choose which is which in that metaphor.

I had to be in the minority when the new Dalek Paradigm came along. I was quite fond of their colourful and rotund appearance being a fan of the Peter Cushing movie Daleks, you see but this Mark Gatiss tale featuring The Eleventh Doctor has got lots more going on than simply giant gaudy pepperpots. Churchill, spitfires in space and tea-serving subservient Daleks - it's got it all!

In all seriousness, the notion of the mad little tanks scheming around, luring The Doctor in to reboot their species or something like that reminds us how clever the Daleks can be. What this extraordinary Tom Baker four-parter lacks in production values and acting, it makes up for in ideas and barminess. The Mandrels, the "monsters" of the piece, may well have looked and acted like they stepped out of The Muppet Show but this is a gritty tale of drug-running on an intergalactic scale.

The Fourth Doctor is appalled as he gets embroiled in something he genuinely believes to be evil but by the time we hear him bellow, "My fingers, my arms, my legs, my everything! It was a story, I should say, that utterly terrified me as a child and, if you can get over the performances, which, I have to admit, are gruesomely hilarious, and the production poor, at best then there's much to admire.

I suspect, however, there's now more to have a giggle at than think about. Until the appearance of Peter Kay as The Abzorbaloff in the final third of this episode starring Marc Warren, Love and Monsters could have been an out-and-out classic loved by all. The very notion of a "Doctor-lite" story is, without wanting to lay on this over-used word, genius.

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Wanting to focus on the "other" people affected by The Doctor's life is admirable and, indeed, here is utterly fantastic. Typical Russell T. Davies and typically emotional and engaging as a result; and what a cast too! Praise should be delivered for sheer balls and ingenuity, reinvigorating Doctor Who in such a thoughtful and pleasing fashion. As the second story in the infamous Key To Time season, this story from Douglas Adams the man behind the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , as if you didn't know is positively bristling with ideas.

The planet in question is hollow and has been materialising around other planets, mining their resources leaving tiny remains all in a bid to attain immortality. You commit mass destruction and murder on a scale that's almost inconceivable and you ask me to appreciate it! Brilliant stuff from Baker.

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As you'd expect from Adams, there's humour and concepts galore. For its time, and even re-watching now, Mawdryn Undead is an extremely pacey piece which darts between two time zones in the most pleasing, and modern, of fashions.

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Despite the UNIT dating controversy using The Brigadier as teacher in The Eighties fans can revel in the fake Doctor, the titular Mawdyrn who's traveling with his chums through eternity doomed to a life of perpetual death who tries to convince Tegan and Sarah that he has merely regenerated. Design-wise, it's a triumph with a beautiful ship, super brain-bulging aliens and a haunting score from Paddy Kingsland. Easy to forget about this little beauty as its previous story, Rose , tends to get much more attention for good reason.

After showing us modern-day London, Russell T. Davies took us far into the future to watch the Earth burn but also watch how The Ninth Doctor and his new companion were getting on. Like a couple of entries here, it was an Agatha Christie-style tale, and again in space - a simple, solid story. Rose was still coming to terms with her new BFF and their relationship was a little frosty but after the revelation of the Time War and the need for some chips, all was well. Only two stories in and the new cast and crew were assuredly steering the show in the right direction with story and heart.

Another story often put to the side due to the main monsters of the tale, the Dinosaurs. Yes, they are bloody terrible. This must-have for sword lovers is sure to be a bestseller. Topics of this Samurai book include: Japanese History and the Samurai Sword Types of swords Parts of the sword Blade shape, construction, and grain The making of the sword Inscriptions and their readings Care and maintenance Appraisal and value Relative point values.

The mysteries and myths of ancient sites such as the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Mayan temples of Central America, Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury hold a perennial fascination for us all. Who built them, how, and for what purpose, are endlessly debated.

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The Keys to the Temple presents startling new evidence about the history of mankind. After years of research David Furlong has discovered extraordinary patterns of alignments in the British landscape which link ancient sites and — incredibly — give a blueprint of the same geometric patterning found in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. These events correspond exactly with the start of dynastic Egypt, the building of the pyramids, and the beginning of the famed Mayan Calendar. Who were these masterbuilders? Where did they come from?

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What roots did they share with the masterbuilders of Egypt and South America. What message did they hope to conceal in the landscape? The Encarta World English Dictionary is a publishing event that will set the standard for all future dictionaries. Created using computer, Internet and database technology in a groundbreaking way, this is the first newly written dictionary in more than 30 years. The work of more than lexicographers in 10 countries, the Encarta World English Dictionary is the first reference work that traces the global use of English in its written, spoken and electronic forms.

The Encarta World English Dictionary has: Over , entries Over 20, new words and definitions Over 3 million words of text Over 4, illustrations Over 1, boxed cultural and regional notes Over 1, unique Word Stories on usage notes. In addition to extensive maps of outer space, this atlas also includes constellation charts; diagrams and cross sections of space objects like asteroids and meteorites; the latest information on space shuttles and missions; and stunning, oversize images that capture exploding supernovas and distant galaxies, Designed for the next generation of space enthusiasts, Atlas of the Universe contains everything you need to navigate the night sky — and the farthest reaches of the cosmos.