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If you find it frustrating to make sense of what your baby wants, you might consider teaching your child to communicate this way. Begin with a few signs like milk, bed, sleep, thank you, please, and bye-bye and then continue to expand his vocabulary. There are many great interactive baby sign language DVDs on the market. These types of videos are not meant to act as a babysitter so you can get a few things done, but rather they are intended to bring you and your baby together for some learning fun.

Just because his voice isn't working quite yet doesn't mean that his brain isn't. There is nothing more powerful than learning something new together with your baby The five senses are the gateway to learning! Everything your baby touches, hears, tastes, smells, and sees allows him to gain insight into social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. The brain development grows and thrives on multi-sensory experiences.

The following activities are designed to open your baby's mind and allow him to absorb new information. He will use the new information his brain receives to make connections to his prior experiences, and he will also use this new information as a foundation for future connections. Keep in mind as you read through the activities and begin to plan playtime that the following activities are categorized by each of the five senses but may also include others as well.

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Sense of Touch - Of the five senses, this sense is most commonly used by babies. Babies feel secure when they are held tightly and soothed by your touch. They develop their own sense of touch by grabbing, stroking, poking, and scraping toys up into their mouths. Create an environment that is baby mouth friendly. Even though you will intend for his toys to be touched using his hands, he will gladly and quickly "touch" them to his tongue to integrate his senses. Grab Bag - Place five objects of slightly different textures in a bag.

Help your baby reach in and feel around in the bag. Hold a conversation like "What do you feel? Is the toy hard or soft? How does your child react? Be sure not to massage too hard, but also avoid light touches that may irritate or over stimulate him. Speak calmly, bat your eyelashes, and smile sweetly as he ponders the pressure and movements you provide. What does he seem to enjoy the most and the least? How does he respond when he figures out he is causing the sound he hears?

EdhelperBaby Videos - Check out the homepage for some engaging baby videos. Turn on the video, but do not watch the computer screen. Turn up the sound and listen to the song a few times.

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After you listen, sing, and dance to the song a few times, watch the video with your child. Does he seem connected to what he is watching because you provided him with an audible hook first? Sense of Sight Drops of Color - Fill a clear drinking glass with water. Sit your child in front of the glass and talk about what is inside. Add a drop of food coloring to the glass and watch what happens. Add a second drop of the same or different color to the water and discuss how the colors mix together and how the colors become less concentrated as they move throughout the water.

Start over when your water becomes too dark to see the newly added drops of food coloring. How did he react to the activity? Animal Watch - How does your baby react to a dog, a cat, a fish, or a particular zoo animal? Your baby will learn more by playing with a real animal over seeing one on television because he is able to integrate more senses. Anything with a mouth can bite, so play cautiously. What emotions did your child exhibit while he interacted with the animal? Sense of Taste Taste is somewhat of a more difficult sense to "play" with at this stage of development.

Mixing a few baby foods your child is already familiar with may be one way to stimulate his taste buds. For example, consider blending together some baby oatmeal, formula, and a little pureed banana. Sense of Smell Get Spicy - Have you ever recalled a childhood memory from a random smell? It happens all the time. The sense of smell is extremely powerful and helps with memory recall.

Arouse your child's sense of smell by opening up the spice jars. Cinnamon, paprika, dried herbs, garlic, and onion powder are great spices to introduce. Refrain from chili powder or black pepper that are too hot for your baby's little nose. Meander around your kitchen. Coffee beans, vanilla beans, and tea are just a few other fun scents to explore. What scents did he enjoy and which ones did he find less pleasing to his nose? Take a field trip to your local florist. If you are unsure where to begin, ask your florist to point out some flowers that have a stronger fragrance.

How does your baby react to the flowers themselves and to their scents? My daughter thoroughly enjoyed many of the listed activities. Some were a little advanced for her but definitely provided her with a good foundation on which to make future connections. The entire family got a kick out of watching her smell different kitchen spices.

Her facial expressions were priceless. We only wish we would have had the camera charged and ready. I suppose we will experiment with that activity again just to capture that curled little nose of hers. We were not able to Bring out the Band yet.

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She is not to the point where she actively bangs on objects. Rather, she preferred to lick the wooden spoon and feel the coldness of the pot instead of performing along with her older two siblings. As she continues to become more aware of cause and effect relationships, I am positive she will be able to not only Bring out the Band but that she will be able to compose a masterpiece. Since your baby's arrival, your child has grown by leaps and bounds and is most likely outgrowing baby items at an alarming rate.

What do you plan to do with all the clothing, baby seats, and other items he can no longer fit into? The following tips might give you some useful suggestions on how to organize and store these baby items or give you ideas for getting rid of those items you are ready to part with. Parenthood is full of seasons of transition and this is just one season in your child's life to embrace and enjoy, even if it might make you a little teary!

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Either way, it will help if you can foresee how you will handle this endeavor and plan accordingly. Thinking ahead about new gear: Replacing the infant carrier with a car seat that is non-removable will create new considerations. Your arm muscles might be nicely defined after so many months of lifting him in and out of the car. But now without the carrier to pop into the shopping cart, carrying him on your hip is most likely not a reasonable option.

Kiriau Turepu, who is a grower himself, said the local vanilla industry is still very young but has the potential to become a solid earner for the economy. Turepu said his vision is for more Cook Islanders to see the opportunity and start growing vanilla, which is the second most expensive spice after saffron. The quality will be the same across the board.

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The agriculture minister said a group of about 20 individuals had started out growing vanilla in Rarotonga a few years ago but only four had gone as serious growers, using shade houses. Vanilla is also being grown in some of the outer islands, including Atiu where seven serious growers have are tending to their own plantations.

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Kiriau said growers will need to start looking at whether they band together and form a single company or co-operative, and how they choose to market their product. Kiriau said that grant - which is still at least six months away — would probably result in about 60 of those shade houses being used to grow vanilla throughout the Cooks Islands.

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  • This is a new thing for the Cook Islands. The shade houses enable growers to control the environment without needing to use any pesticides or artificial fertilisers. A set of guidelines for growers, to ensure they are meeting organic standards, has yet to be developed by the ministry. Maintenance is relatively easy but when the plant starts to flower it must be hand-pollinated in the early hours of the morning.

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