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The Fund covers employees in the public service prior to 1 February , including the teaching service and defence forces. The Fund is designed to provide income security in the event of retirement, permanent invalidity and survivorship. Apart from paying pensions and gratuity lump sums to retirees, the Fund acts as a paying agent for the government with regard to death and early retirement cases. The Fund thus relies entirely on the government to clear the latter.

The National Pension Scheme Authority NAPSA was established by an Act of Parliament in , to replace the Zambia National Provident Fund, which had revealed a multitude of weaknesses ranging from low contributions and inadequate benefits to an inappropriate structural design. The National Pension Scheme became operational on 1st February The scheme aims at affording the workers protection from social hazards by providing them with benefits at the time of retirement to provide income in old age, assist the worker with a benefit in the event of physical or mental disability due to permanent illness or mental disturbances which may deny regular employment.

The Workers Compensation Fund Control Board provides employment injury protection to all private and public sector workers except permanent civil servants, teachers, police and the armed forces. The rates of contributions to the fund vary according to industries. The Workers Compensation Act No.

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The Pensions and Insurance Authority PIA is the regulatory and supervisory authority for the pensions and insurance industry in Zambia. It is created by the Pensions Scheme regulation Act No. Prior to the enactment of Act No. Following the Act No. These are private schemes established by the employers to cater for pension and other types of insurance.

These schemes, however, are different from other schemes in that they are not mandatory; employers are not compelled by law to set up a pension scheme for their employees. Retirement FAQ. Will the State pay for my health benefit coverage after I retire? In all cases, the full cost of dependent coverage, if elected, must be paid by you.

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Will the reductions for early retirement apply to the Transfer Benefit? The benefit is already adjusted for your age at the time when you begin receiving monthly payments. If so, will it indicate the number of years of service credit in the Fund? Department of State Treasurer.

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Will the NC b program replace the current b options available In local school systems today? The local school board responsible for governing the respective school system retains the authority to offer or eliminate any b option. Will I receive a separate deposit of the Transfer Benefit each month?

Will I receive a separate R for the Transfer Benefit income? Will I qualify for an unreduced retirement benefit when the sum of my age and creditable service equal 85? You must be at least age 60 and have at least 25 years of creditable service. You may, however, use your unused sick leave to complete your service requirement of 25 years. Your sick leave cannot, however, be used to make you older. Will I lose benefits if I am late filing my retirement application?

Monthly retirement benefits are effective the first day of any month. A retirement application must be signed, dated, and filed at least one day and not more than days prior to the effective date of retirement. In other words, even though you are eligible to file your retirement paperwork just one day prior to the effective date of your retirement, the likelihood of your receiving payment of your retirement benefit within the same month of your effective retirement is greatly diminished. If retroactive benefits are payable, your first benefit payment will then include the amount that you are retroactively entitled to receive as of your effective date of retirement.

Therefore, we recommend that after you have made your decision to retire, that you file your Form 6 as close to the day advance period as possible in order to increase the likelihood of receiving a retirement payment within the month for which your retirement is effective.

Will employees with less than one year of service receive a statement? Employees with fewer than 12 months of service as of December 31 will not receive an Annual Benefits Statement. Instead, a letter will be posted to their personal ORBIT account that communicates where to find their length of service, retirement account balance, and beneficiary designation s within ORBIT. A more detailed statement will be prepared next year if the members meet the criteria above. Will Charlotte firefighters receive these statements? Will an employee who was on leave without pay in December get a statement?

Employees who did not make a contribution to the Retirement System as of December 31 will not receive a statement. The employee will be directed to the log-in page to register, or log-in if already registered.

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However, the estimate and projected retirement age is based on the one system in which the members have the most years of service. The estimate and projected retirement age may not be accurately represented in the statement. Why should I elect Part B of Medicare? As a retiree, when you or a covered dependent become eligible for Medicare, both parts A and B must be elected in order to maintain the same level of coverage you had before becoming Medicare eligible.

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Why must I wait 60 days in order to receive a refund of my contributions from the Retirement System? The day period is required by state law and generally provides the Retirement System with sufficient time to receive and process your individual contribution payroll information provided to us by your former employer.

This period of time insures that you are paid all of your contributions. It also gives you time to consider your decision. Why is the state creating a centralized b program?

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The goals of the NC b program are to facilitate local school board compliance with regulatory agencies and maximize teacher retirement savings by reducing investment and administrative fees. The Retirement System withholds federal tax from your monthly benefit based upon the taxable amount of your monthly benefit, the standard withholding tables, your marital status, and the number of allowances you may claim. If your marital status and the allowances do not require any federal tax to be deducted based upon your taxable portion, then no federal tax will be deducted.

If you need federal tax withheld, you can always complete a Form to give us a minimum monthly withholding amount. We can honor your request for a minimum monthly withholding as long as the amount is greater than the amount required by the tax table. All retirement benefits are subject to federal tax, but you do have a choice as to whether or not you want the amount withheld monthly by the Retirement System.

Your Form R will reflect your gross retirement benefit, the taxable amount, and non-taxable amount if any , as well as the total amount withheld for federal tax. The Retirement System is not in a position to offer tax advice to you. Please check with a tax preparer as to your tax liability and how to complete your Form should you require additional assistance. Why are statements not mailed? Members may print out multiple copies of the statement if needed.

Not mailing statements also is environmentally friendly and eliminates the cost of printing and mailing.

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Why are certain types of creditable service that can be purchased more expensive than other types? State law specifies how the cost of each type of creditable service that may be purchased is calculated. For example, the cost for purchasing previously withdrawn service in the Retirement System is often less expensive than the cost for purchasing other types of eligible retirement service credit. Individual forms for each type of eligible retirement service purchase are located on our website. Each purchase form includes a description of the cost calculation method used for that individual type of purchase.

For addition information, please see the Service Credit Purchasing section and your specific retirement handbook on our website. Who makes decisions about my retirement benefits?

Shutdown FAQs: Pay, benefits and retirement questions answered

The four largest retirement systems and the Supplemental Retirement Plans k , are overseen by Boards of Trustees. For a detailed explanation of the boards structure, please visit the Board of Trustees web pages. They are the decision makers about what sort of benefits you receive, how well funded the pension plan is, and any changes that will be made to that retirement system. Who is eligible to receive an Annual Benefits Statement this year? Members who actively contributed to the Retirement Systems as of December 31 of the prior year, and have at least 12 months of service will have a statement posted to their personal ORBIT account.

Who can we contact with questions? Which optional payment arrangement should I elect at retirement? The optional payment arrangement you elect at retirement is a personal decision. In making this decision, you should consider your financial needs, the possible financial needs of your beneficiary, if any, your health and the health of your beneficiary. Your decision should never be based on what other members have previously done.