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This is her homage to a character in The Dark Crystal Thanks be to commenter Jon Sleeper for being eagle-eyed, there. If you haven't seen it, do so. It was read by Harry Knowles who helped champion Cline as a writer. Knowles also is credited as someone who helped read early drafts of the novel Ready Player One in the book. And he completes the beautiful lameness of it with the rainbow disco dance floor that John Travolta once huffed across. See Ready Player One and The Shining subsection below for a complete deconstruction of this sequence in the film.

It also must've meant Halliday was on a Stephen King kick that week. Thanks to thegeekflux for spotting this one! It was called "Charm of Making" in that movie, and it allowed Uther to take his foe's wife and in the process father the child who would become King Arthur. Given that Z's name is a giant love letter to that film chech out the Parzival section for more , that makes this extra cool. Also, thanks to commenters Wil Dalphin and Tom Stephens for bringing this to our attention.

In that vein…. The movie that Halliday maybe also should have put on for Kira, instead of The Shining. Check out the Games and Misc. Mechagodzilla Yes, this gets its own subsection. And if you want more detail about the importance of The Shining and Kubrick to Spielberg as well as why King hates the movie , you can click over here to read it for yourself.

Also credit for the film noting that Aech likes women, as most mass-marketed blockbusters shy away from LGBTQ characters. He escapes through the freezer that is also where Danny and Wendy tie up a deranged Jack earlier in the film.

The Adventures Of Tin Tin : The Game [Chapter-7] [Complete Solution] - [iOS] Gameplay

As previously mentioned, there is so much love for this Robert Zemeckis film, which was executive produced by Steven Spielberg , that we felt it worthy of its own subsection. It also comes complete with a non-functioning flux capacitor. It's an adorable sign of affection and deserved condescension all at once.

Hell yeah, we smiled at this one! Still with us?

The Naturalist on the River Amazons - Wikipedia

Thank you to JoelStrout for pointing this out to us. And Goro seems to be having a case of indigestion. Battletoads sure may seem like a TMNT ripoff, but they were mainly known as the protagonists of an extraordinarily difficult NES game. The cattle which had been so noisy during the shakes were now licking the newly excavated mineral-rich banks, seemingly unaffected by the events in the night.

We had only travelled a few kilometres when Guy came swooping in, landing his helicopter on a narrow island of boulders in the river. The next 24 hours were spent waiting at Muzzle Station. Waiting for the dam to burst. Waiting for word from the outside world and waiting to find a new way home. The river was certainly not an option. It was a worrying time for me, knowing that our farm sits on numerous faults and limestone outcrops that surround the homestead.

Grim images kept sneaking into my head, despite the efforts of the other guides to keep spirits high. Ironically, at one of the most remote high country stations in the country and with cracked walls and crumbled sheds by the homestead, I managed to get on the internet, watch the news and even use the flushing toilet.

Being entirely self-sufficient and isolated sure has its positives! Frustratingly, all we had seen of Clarence in the news was three Hereford cows perched on an island of landslide debris, looking a bit confused but otherwise quite relaxed. Through a complicated network of friends and relatives of locals who could fly in with private planes, I was finally able to establish that my parents, along with everyone else in the valley, were alive. My cottage was gone, the woolshed and deer yards destroyed, and we had new hills running through the farm. The seabed had risen, and crayfish lay waiting to die, high and dry in what used to be their underwater landscape.

The homestead was miraculously still standing, and my parents quite lucky to be alive. By the following afternoon, a friendly. Yes, please! It was a very emotional flight, surveying the damage to the river and waiting to see my home and family.

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Luckily I have a very active imagination and had conjured up in my head scenes far worse than the reality. There were no stranded crayfish on the front lawn, but the front lawn was now ten metres higher than it had been when I left for the raft trip four days earlier. Mum, Dad and my brother were all surprised and relieved to see me dropped off on the driveway.

I gave them a quick hug then checked to see that the Jack Russells and my pet pig were safe and sound. Adventure over, now it was cleanup time. Fear nothing. This article was written almost two months on from the catastrophic November 14th 7. Genevieve King grew up on a high-country farm in Clarence, north of Kaikoura. She works as a raft guide on the river, taking people on multi-day wilderness adventures. Once inside, we wedged ourselves between a few locals on the back seat also making the early trip to Lake Komani.

The road cut across the floodplains and up into the foothills, each intersection a meeting place, the arteries of the countryside coming to life. At one point, the van came to a stop to collect more passengers. A scooter approaching from our left came to an abrupt halt. As the driver steadied his scrambler, the metal churn perched on the back tipped over the side, spilling white contents over the gravel. Spilt blood, however, was. Albania is famous for its mountain code; Kanun — centuries of tradition and conduct governing relations.

Over 3, Albanian families are estimated to be embroiled in such ongoing feuds over the last 20 years, with thousands of attributed deaths. The latter two, in particular, are most relevant to all visitors to Albania. Now finding ourselves abandoned at the ferry terminal — a collection of worn buildings on the side of a cliff atop a hydro-dam — we had to make friends.

After a few had exchanged glances. Eventually, another boat came across the lake to pick them up. It was in the form of a converted school bus, complete with a hull and inboard engine.

The three-hour journey into the highlands saw steep mountain landscapes, shepherds herding goats, farmers stacking hay and small boats eager to hitch a ride, tying their boats to the ferry. The Accursed Mountains bear their name from being both insurmountable and wild. The ranges do not, however, live up to this name as increasingly travellers have found access. Once we arrived on the rocky shore, we were herded to a waiting car, which was full by the time we got there.

After a few minutes, we returned to the ferry operator to ask when the next would arrive. With a puzzled look on his face, he made a short phone call and five minutes later, the same car came. The village itself was an established starting point for our journey hiking the Accursed Mountains.

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The region bordered Montenegro and Kosovo. From the information centre and accommodation, many signed and guided paths took you across passes and up valleys to isolated villages. Hitching a five-kilometre ride to the start of the trail kept us dry a little longer.

Once outside, it became torrential.

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It must have been a sight, seeing a few tourists in their discountpriced, but technically well-equipped wet-weather clothing, soaked to the bone as water found a way through where the bag straps pressed against the body. Coming across a local guide, it was a different story. He was side saddled on a mule, warm and bone dry. He was using an umbrella as a more effective shield from the elements. We had all the gear, yet no idea.

Ganesh Himal Panorama Trek

Being late October, we were on the shoulders of the hiking season. But still, services remained open as a welcome refuge to travellers. Steam quickly evaporated from fabric and with spirits restored, we looked out for gaps in the weather. Eventually, the light began to filter down in the next valley, and the bright fiery colours of autumn were on display.

The spruce of leaves in shades of yellow, orange and red were beginning to litter the karst path. Hospitality, as we remember, is one of the main pillars of the Kanun; one. Staying upstairs in a two-storeyed grey house, smoke billowing from the fireplace below choking our room, we opened a window to let both the fresh air and the cold back in. Sitting down for dinner we were entertained by our host who spoke little English at best.

Without her son to translate, she entertained us by making small gestures and impressions of the cat. Meowing as she came into the room, she carried a homemade burek pastry and bean soup. This was to be washed down with a shot of home-distilled raki. This evaporated in a plume of fumes that travelled back up your throat, the remainder sinking and piercing your stomach lining; best to sip this one slowly.

Waiting for our transport out of the Theth Valley we watched several 4WD vehicles drive past. Rugged Landrovers, it appeared, were dominant, and for good reason too. The climb out was. Hitchhikers seemingly in the middle of nowhere would thumb a lift up the mountain, to be dropped off again in another remote location. Mitch Collins and Tamson Armstrong just got hitched.