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Give your relationship a makeover

Howard M. Guttman is principal of Guttman Development Strategies, Inc. GDS , a Mount Arlington, NJ-based management consulting firm founded in and specializing in executive coaching; building horizontal, high-performance teams; strategic and organizational alignment; and management development training www.

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In contrast, Howard M. Guttman provides a steady stream of valuable content that can help you make your life better. A respected executive coaching expert, Guttman presents seven easy-to-follow steps you can use to coach yourself to achieve lasting positive behavioral change. He delivers invaluable knowledge, wisdom, savvy tips and practical expertise as he explains how to apply proven executive coaching principles to modify your behavior and achieve a happier, more productive life. It will be worth far more than its cover price if you practice its principles.


He has focused me and my management team on the necessary behavior changes to deliver breakthrough performance in the marketplace. His book provides the steps to help coach yourself to victory both professionally and personally. It uses proven principles that are presented in a tangible, user-friendly manner.

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I recommend this book to the many people I encounter who need the right set of tools to improve their well-being. And they are the three elements that, when improperly calibrated, can cause a perfect storm. Face it: Your hormones, metabolism, blood flow, and mood aren't what they used to be.

What you need is a Great Life Makeover. The Great Life Makeover does for your mind, body, and love life what a beauty makeover does for your appearance.

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And Dr. Daniel A.

see url Monti and Dr. Anthony J.


Bazzan are the experts who perform these makeovers. Monti, a specialist in psychiatry and couples' counseling, and Dr. Bazzan, a specialist in aging and hormones, lay out a practical, comprehensive, and detailed guide for midlife couples wanting to reboot their love life, rebalance hormones, and remedy the mental and physical issues that make midlife more difficult than it should be.

Addressing the three hot-button issues with a focus on diet, fitness, and stress reduction, The Great Life Makeover offers a program that can dramatically improve your health, relationship, and overall quality of life and prevent other problems from cropping up in the future. One of the best books I ever read.