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To foster the personal and communal growth and education of young adults toward a relationship with Jesus Christ leading to Christian maturity.

Bible principles for preparing to marry, choosing a spouse, improving marriage: Purpose and permanence of marriage, maturity, religion, and love in the home. Hear his voice. It may even applaud you if you do.

On Understanding

To give up on the gift that God gave you, your wife. The Enemy is working overtime to destroy any and all credibility the church has by breaking up our marriages. Whatever state you're in - married, single, divorced, or widowed - the Bible commands everyone to honor marriage. What is the spiritual journey, how can we know where we are, and where we're going?

On Understanding

Maturity does not just base on age or physical appearances, it involves a lot of things; namely. Anybody that wants to get marry must NOT be a teenagers, he or she must be mature physically. Is it important for the husband to be the spiritual leader in a marriage, and if yes, does this mean that a Christian woman can only consider marrying a man who is more spiritually mature than she?

It requires a mature decision. The world has made it too easy for you to walk away. Maturity in marriage is in six folds: 1. God created marriage, and its greatest fulfillment and enjoyment can only be found when both husband and wife have a growing relationship with Him.

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It is possible for a grown man to be as immature as a year-old boy. What follows is a collection of my favorite quotes and passages from this challenging book along with my own brief thoughts and reflections on them. People who are similar in their values, priorities, tastes, personal habits, opinions, and interests have a much easier time understanding each other, and consequently respecting each other, than people who are very different from each other. Difference and complementarity are attractive in the beginning. But happy, satisfying marriages seem to rest on a foundation of similarity and commonality.

If you find yourself attracted to someone because they strongly make up for a perceived deficit in yourself, be careful. A simple test I would do if I was a pre-marital counselor is to ask each partner the following two questions:.

Pursue Your Partner at Every Stage of Marriage

Empathy, respect, and honest communication all begin with understanding—deep, well-considered understanding. The only important difference between romantic love and lasting love is that the fuel supply for romantic love is limited, so eventually it stops, while the fuel supply for lasting love is unlimited. Better to think about love developmentally: Its nature changes in important ways—and hopefully grows—as you do. But eventually that difference comes back to haunt them.

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The extroverted partner starts to think of the other partner as a stick-in-the-mud who stops them from really living. The introverted one starts to think of the other as superficial and childish. A lot of the most important and objective information you get about people comes not from what they tell you, because that can be spun in many different ways, but from your direct observation of what they do.

Two fundamentally different people, with different values, priorities, preferences, and beliefs are going to have a very difficult time understanding each other in a deep, compassionate way. The Loyalty Rule: No matter how loyal you have always been to your family, once you get married you must transfer your primary loyalty to the new family that you and your partner have created by the act of getting married.

What happened was that they had been apart from the very beginning, but their own individual identities were not yet developed enough and distinct enough for them to be able to see that.

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Commitment guarantees nothing about how happy a marriage will be. All it guarantees is that the marriage will continue. When people talk about why their marriages broke up, they talk much more about having been unable to be their true self with their partner than they do about communication and problem solving. I love my marriage. Book Description AuthorHouse, This book is printed on demand. Seller Inventory I Book Description AuthorHouse.

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