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Early on in nursing, I have to admit I got a bit self protected with everything that I saw in inner cities on the Navajo Reservation. I sued to pray that God would give me deep compassion. That was achieved when Abby got sick. That changed me for life. Now I cannot help but care-it is deep inside. Gram3 wrote:. Think about the implications of that one for a bit. The entire essay is excellent. It made me think: if God is Sovereign as Piper defines it then where can we go for comfort?

No matter how lofty of words he and other Calvinists use to describe their God, he only sounds like all the lesser gods to me in his narcissistic management of people. What makes God infinitely beyond all others to me is that he has chosen humanity to live in the free will that he created us with. No constant micro-managing, but at times there are miracles and signs that let us know he is there. Because he has not broken his decree in creating an entity us with such autonomy, he weeps with us in our demise.

But as horrible as life is sometimes, I still cherish free will and I believe that it is important for our eternity, no matter how unfair this school of life is. It takes my breath away to think about the enormous responsibility I have with my free will. Because of what we have learned here.

I came real close around the same time. But my love of history saved me before I dove into the actual theology.

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That is a lot going on! This entire discussion keeps reminding me of her. She was highly spiritual and mystical, and, I believe, very sincere in her longing to please God. But she was plagued by guilt, shame, and fear. Would she be welcomed by God? Did He love her? It happened that a steady stream of Christians came into her life and I remember her comment to me that these men and women had helped her so much in her spiritual life. They were followers of Jesus who showed her love and grace, and celebrated her love of beauty and creativity with her.

When I read in 1 John 4 about how fear involves punishment and how real love casts out fear, I think of her.

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The God of the Bible is not as small, mean, petty, and easily defined as they claim. He is, to our puny human minds, simply incomprehensible. He HATED what was done to me, and it was His outrage, His heart for the oppressed, His compassion, His extravagant love, and His wild, scandalous grace that not only saved my life but won my heart.

Calvinism has a ready answer for everything because they believe in a small, easily explained God. I have had to become content with mystery — a lot of mystery — because the God I worship is too immense and great for human comprehension. He is also a loving Father whose tenderness and intimacy continues to break my heart — in the best of ways.

Last night I was furious at Piper. Today I want to weep for Him. If only God would wreck his theology the way He wrecked mine! What double speak and pure stupidity is John Piper talking about? How can anyone who simply reads their Bible and humbly prays for the Spirit to show them truth come up with this trash?

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Dee, Just read your post…. My God guide you through this period of time. Rebecca Prewett : Thunderous applause!

Rebecca Prewett : I love every bit of this. Can you imagine if a mentally unstable person were in his audience??? Lord have mercy. Rebecca Prewett : You blessed me today! This has to be the single most damaging sermon ever preached. The negative effects of this sermon are still being felt to this day in congregations, universities, families, individuals, and culture.

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Via this theology God is the only logical cause of all misery ever inflicted on upon mankind throughout history. How many people over the years have abandoned faith in God because of this heresy? Components of this debate go further back to Augustine, Pelagius, and the Council of Orange in Not that it matters what it is called, it blasphemes the very character of God.

My big question is why would someone follow a God like that? That, to me, is so very puzzling.

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I am not questioning God. I am questioning an extremely twisted and warped view of God. The question back should be this. So good.

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Did I read this right? Are you saying you believe this is true? Mind clarifying? Thank you! Rebecca Prewett :. Fundystan, Proctologist wrote:. I always hope that those with influence use it to shake up any ideological monopoly-in-process or full-fledged one. Averroes is more likely to have been on influence on Thomas Aquinad, whose Summa Theologica is very Aristotelian, and cadts a long shadow over the Westetn churvh.

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I can relate to what you have written as we had Iranian Muslims with us before the Revolution. Some of them ended up going home to support the Revolution. Guy takes all the fun out of games. Fundystan, Proctologist : He has large aufiences… the chances of some mrntslly unstable attendees is likely pretty high.

Thanks, and no worries, friend!

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