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As a general rule, one column of Sunflower will be the minimum requirement for completing most typical levels, while two to three columns should allow purchasing of more expensive plants such as Gatling Pea and Melon-pult , giving the player more freedom in tactical choices. In Pool and Fog levels, the pool lanes are ideal places for planting additional Sunflowers due to the relative lack of dangerous enemies assaulting them, but the player should also be cautious against ambushes when a flag comes.

Sunflowers can either be planted on the leftmost columns for the maximum possible amount of protection or in front of offensive plants as a last line of defense, although the latter strategy may hinder plant placement as the level progresses and makes sun production somewhat inconsistent, as the Sunflowers are likely to get eaten.

If Catapult Zombies are present, plant Umbrella Leaves nearby to protect Sunflowers from the basketballs. Sunflowers that are endangered by Digger Zombies are to be typically protected by Pumpkins. A player can also put her in the second column on that case and use defensive plants in the first column. Sunflower faces great competition for the role of primary sun production plant: Twin Sunflower has been made significantly easier to use, due to the removal of the upgrade plant system and the general ease of obtaining sun in this game as well as having a slightly cheaper sun price, while Sun-shroom costs less than Sunflower and can grow over time, outstripping Sunflower's production capability.

This is shared with Primal Sunflower, as she can create 25 more sun than Sunflower, like Sun-shroom's last stage, at the expense of only 25 more sun. Moonflowers planted next to each other can give up to sun each, despite their longer recharge. Of all the four sun producing plant, Sunflower also generates the second least amount of sun when fed with Plant Food, the lowest being Moonflower. Because of this, Sunflower is generally considered to be inferior to the other four sun creating plants, especially in the Endless Zones.

However, they are still useful for 'low-level' players, and some players may not have Sun-shroom or Twin Sunflower. Sunflower is recommended to upgrade to Level 4 before using because it can instantly produce sometimes, and you can remove it after use to get 75 sun, making it a better choice if you only have a low-level Primal Sunflower or Twin Sunflower. It is easy to upgrade to level 4 with using Plant Adventures.

It costs 50 sun, but can produce as much sun as Twin Sunflower. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Do you like this video? For the primal version, see Primal Sunflower. For the birthday version in the Chinese version, see Sunflower Singer. For other uses, see Sunflower disambiguation. Contents [ show ].

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Hover the image to see the full description. He just does his job. The content and images in this section do exist in the code of the game, but are unused, and thus, not accessible by normal means. Sunny Days Accumulate Sun during a single level. Morticulturalist Collect all 49 plants. Plants vs. Zombies Wiki has a gallery for Sunflower.

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Well, it's Zalgo text TZ. Toadstool TZ. At first I always used Sun-shroom, but now Primal Sunflower is my main one. Categories :. Sun Recycle. Combat Training. Enhanced Recycle. Cell Activation. Ability Awaken. Fighting Power. Underwater World. The Dragon's Palace. Water Gun Grass. Hero Plants.

We were planning to have lunch there but realising that the place was packed thanks to the market's popular Instagram status , having to wait for an hour to get our food put us off and we decided to just find a restaurant nearby where we could grab something quick. Fortunately in Khao Yai, there's plenty of cafes and restaurant to go around so it wasn't that hard to find one that's not so crowded. The downside is that you can't really tell the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Still, we went for this place called Terano - an quiet little Italian restaurant where we ordered pasta, of course, and some salad. The food? Salty is all I can say but otherwise it wasn't so bad. Post meal, we geared up for the beginning of our non-stop photo-taking exploration. Our first location was Primo Piazza. By the name, I guess you can already tell it's an Italian inspired village. There's an entrance fee you pay to get in which is THB if you're a foreigner but I pass for being a local, which, unknown to many tourists, is that locals usually pay a cheaper price in any tourist spots in Thailand yes, Bangkok included! Accompanied by two Thais, I get to pretend like one and so only paid the discounted price of THB As expected, what you see inside is a replica of some little Italian village with outdoor cafes down to the little details as flower pots hanging on windows and doors.

But the best part that I really liked about this place is the farm where you get to interact and feed alpacas, rams, and donkeys. I've never seen any of those animals in real life before so it's definitely one of firsts. After an hour or so roaming around Piazza Primo, we were ready to move on to our next spot and essentially the main reason that I wanted to go to Khao Yai in the first place - the sunflower fields.

Now, there are plenty of flower fields in Khao Yai, mind you. But they are, of course, seasonal attractions. We were a few weeks late from the peak of sunflower season that it proved rather difficult to find a farm that still had blooms. But I found one guy on Instagram who visited Khao Yai just a couple of days before we did, who claims to have found a farm that still had fully grown sunflowers at the time. I was so keen on going to the same farm that I shamelessly messaged the guy on IG. He was kind enough to pin the location for me because apparently, it was a local farm that not many people knew about and so it wasn't on google maps.

Oh, my joy when we reached the farm and saw that the sunflowers were still there, even though they were, to be quite honest, already dying. They were sadflowers if you will. But hey, sadflowers are better that no flowers so we still went ahead. I guess it was really that dead of season that there wasn't anyone in the farm, at all.

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Despite having a sign at the entrance saying something that entrance fee was THB 20, there wasn't anyone there in charge or supposedly collecting said fees. I guess you could say we trespassed? So we go there and half the field was dead save for one lot.