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People who would want to try a completely different field of work, or who would simply like to get into the non-profit sector. Then they count on the slightly older experts, too, who might want to try out working abroad for a year. All in all, it really is open to a wide range of people. Five years of experience, that is quite demanding, and it could be a considerable obstacle for example for students In the junior positions it is up to five years which means that the applicant can have from zero to five years of experience. For example in Turkey we require up to two years of experience which one certainly can manage while studying.

I really would like to stress, however, that whatever can be done by local employees we always leave to them. That is a strategy of ours that concerns all recruitment processes. The senior team in PIN, put together from people from abroad, manages primarily the discrete programs and the rest of the employees. Our priority is the development and support of the local people. Which means that we will never send drivers from abroad, because that is the kind of job that somebody local can do very easily.

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Besides, we always look into specific agenda of every team. Therefore everything that we list in the requirements for that position mirrors exactly the actual needs of the mission. The EU Aid Volunteers initiative focuses most of all on the humanitarian aid that, however, is often most needed in the countries with some ongoing conflicts. Are any of those above mentioned countries dangerous? Within the frame of this initiative the European Commission will annually publish a list of countries where it is possible to send out the volunteers. Which means that even though the main objective is to raise the capacities of the humanitarian sector we are speaking more of the regions with humanitarian crises rather than with armed conflicts.

Both Angola and Cambodia are relatively trouble-free countries. Turkey is a bit questionable at the moment; nonetheless, our volunteer would only stay in the city. And of course, we as an organization have a set of our own security processes to make sure all our employees are safe. What will the recruitment process look like? The call for applicants is open; whoever is interested can apply now.

In September the selection procedure will start, which means we will address the particular applicants. In this phase of the process the representatives of the missions will take part as well. The successful applicant will become a member of a team where he or she should fit as well as possible. Two best candidates for a position will then complete a so-called assessment centrum — a group selection process that will take place in one of the training centres in Austria, Italia or in Britain, under the patronage of the European Commission.

The chosen volunteer will then undergo our standard training as well, just like all our prospective team members do before their departure. That includes internal training, e-learning courses, vaccination, safety training and such. What exactly will be provided for the volunteer chosen to work with us through EU Aid Volunteers?

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All trainings, medical check-up before the departure, flying tickets, insurance and accommodation. In those twelve months, the whole duration of the project, that is, they will receive a subsistence allowance from which they are supposed to provide their meals, for example. The amount is decided on centrally by the European Commission. Should the applicant be not successful in this selection process can he or she apply again in the future? The EU Aid Volunteers initiative preliminarily counts with the timeframe until the year which means that the project will be running at least for a few more years.

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The humanitarian department of People in Need was granted the certification for three missions so far — Angola, Cambodia and Turkey. Yet, nearing a year into working full-time and part-time during weekdays and weekends respectively, I felt my life was so empty. A few of us signed up and after undergoing a short training at IRAS itself, I went to the e-connect centre located at the eastern part of Singapore on 18 March During the 3. Soon, from supposedly at most 2 days of helping out, I found myself going back every weekend till mid April.

During this period, I even assisted the e-connect centre manager on guiding the secondary school students who were there mostly for CIP, assisted numerous members of the public on all their tax queries and filing. To see the smiles and making acquaintance with them, continuous thanks from them when I see them out to the door makes me feel happy. Unwillingly, I found myself browsing through and signing up for my first activity after going through the online orientation.

What are your skills?

Yet, the first activity I signed turned out to be unsuccessful. It was supposedly a campsite maintenance somewhere in the west part of Singapore but I spent the whole morning on a Sunday waiting at the supposedly meeting point to find no one had came. I later find out that it was cancelled as the VHO did not see any sign ups hence, although I received the computer-generated email on the confirmation of the event, I, maybe including some others, did not know of such cancellation.

However, it did not dampened my mood and will to embark on volunteering. For the past 6 months of volunteering, it has reinforced this point. Volunteering is the perfect vehicle to discover something you are really good at and develop a new skill, sometimes this new skill is hidden just that it needs to be awaken from deep inside you. Learn as if you were to live forever.

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The possibilities are many. We sometimes take for granted the community that we live in. It are suffering due to the growth of secular societies but at the same time we can really bridge that expanding gap through volunteering.

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As a volunteer, you certainly return to society some of the benefits that has been given to you. Fundamentally, volunteering is about giving own time, energy and skills freely. Unlike many things in life there is choice involved in volunteering. Volunteers predominantly express a sense of achievement and motivation, and this is ultimately generated from your desire and enthusiasm to help.

Sometimes volunteers are regarded as do-gooders and those that hold such view also assume that one person can never make a difference. Finding new interests and hobbies through volunteering can be fun, relaxing and energizing. The energy and sense of fulfillment can carry over to a work situation and sometimes helps to relieve tensions and foster new perspectives for old situations. Sometimes a volunteer experience can lead you or help you discover a hobby or interest you were unaware of.

Volunteering is a brilliant way to get life experience and perhaps changes your mindset into various things. Whether it was a bonding session with elderly or raising awareness to public on volunteerism through the previous flash mobs we did, you will experience the real world through hands-on work. Volunteers can do almost anything and with the infinite volunteer opportunities available, you could skydive for charity, a chance to experience the ultimate thrill and raise funds to help the charity continue its work.

Volunteering brings together a diverse range of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Both the recipients of your volunteer efforts and your co-workers can be a rich source of inspiration and an excellent way to develop your interpersonal skills.

Why I’m a Volunteer Ambassador for Dementia UK

Volunteering also offers an incredible networking opportunity. Not only will you develop lasting personal and professional relationships but it is also a great way to learn about people from all walks of life, different environments, and new industries. You can never know who you will meet or what new things you will learn and what impact this could have on your life. Volunteering reflects and supports a complete picture of you, and gives real examples of your commitment, dedication and interests.