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He concluded that it was likely two different people were responsible for tying the five ligatures recovered from the bodies.

Dr Ide cautioned that this did not provide strong evidence. He added: "I think it's likely that the two girls were tied by different people, but I can't be sure of it. Retired Det Sgt Joan Shanks read a dramatic witness statement to the jury, which she had taken from Carolyn Mitchell on 22 November The witness died in and her statement had been redacted so the jury only heard the evidence that was "relevant". They had kissed on their first date, but not had sex for about six months, and he had always been "gentle and never rough".

Man accused of World's End murders denies launching 'animalistic' attack on two teenagers

In the statement, she revealed that she had been with Sinclair in the Wemyss Hotel in Port Seton and had met there with two brothers known to him. One was the late Gordon Hamilton. Sinclair is accused of acting with him to commit the double-rape and murder.

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The witness had recalled that Hamilton and his brother, a larger man, had been showing Sinclair how to tie knots. Earlier Dr Howard Moody, 71, a retired odontologist, gave evidence about a "likely" human bite-mark on Christine's left hand and was asked by Ian Duguid QC, defending, why the pathologists who carried out post mortem examinations in had not noted it.

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He said that it was long after when a case was first solved by a bite mark so the awareness of their significance would not have been what it became later. Sinclair denies raping and murdering Christine and Helen in October The trial continues.

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  • 2. He was convicted at 69, nearly four decades after the World’s End murders.!
  • World's End serial killer and rapist Angus Sinclair dies in prison aged 73?

We may then apply our discretion under the user terms to amend or delete comments. While still in prison for the attacks, Sinclair was given a life sentence in for the murder of the Glasgow teenager Mary Gallacher in However, he had previously served six years behind bars for killing a seven-year-old girl in Aged 16, he pleaded guilty to culpable homicide, admitting strangling Catherine Reehill in Glasgow and dumping her body on a tenement stairway. It meant he spent about 40 years of his life locked up.

After the Gallacher case police examined the link between Sinclair and several other unsolved murders.

The World’s End Murders: A night that haunts Scotland’s capital to this day

The year-old was raped and stabbed near a railway line as she went to meet a friend. Sinclair was linked to the crime years later a DNA breakthrough.

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These too would have consequences as they cast doubt on exact time of death, which 30 years later at the trial became a significant factor. The first phase of the investigation viewed the crimes as local and committed massive resources to local inquiries. The systematic scanning of other crimes in other parts of the country was neither prioritised nor carried out thoroughly enough.

Undoubtedly the inter-force conference, when the heads of CID for east and west Scotland met in , missed an opportunity to link cases. But, even so, it is doubtful what benefit this would have brought, given the lack of adequate administrative systems at the time.

The consequential muddle might actually have been damaging. Should we have identified Sinclair earlier, prevented some of his offences or been able to track down Gordon Hamilton in his lifetime? Is it really possible that this was his only crime?

A real opportunity was missed in when Sinclair was arrested for the s murder of Mary Gallagher. At that time a connection should have been made to other outstanding cases in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Has Sinclair escaped justice for other serious offences? I am sure of it. What can we conclude? Regardless of our eventual success, this retrial can never be regarded as a triumph.

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Let us not forget that the murder of Helen and Christine were tragedies not only for these young women but also for their families. There was never going to be cause for celebration. Furthermore, we cannot deny the inescapable conclusion that the system failed Helen Scott, Christine Eadie and their families. The truth is that we always knew how dangerous Sinclair was. Much, of course, seems to have changed over the last 37 years but I wonder how much really has. With pressure on prison places, how many young Sinclairs are today being processed towards liberty, despite the assessment of professionals who warn they are still a danger to the public?

By Ashleigh McGinley.